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Principles of good logo design

Logos are the most important part of any company’s identity. A logo is the first thing that people notice about a company and it is one of the main factors in determining whether or not people will buy from that company.

A logo should be memorable, simple, and easy to understand without words. It should also be appropriate for the intended audience.

The following are five principles of good logo design:

1) Simplicity – The simpler, the better. A good logo is one that can be drawn by someone with little to no artistic skills.

2) Universality – The more universal a logo, the better it is for branding purposes because it can reach more people.

3) Appropriateness – A good logo should match the needs and values of its target audience

4) Memorability – A good logo will stay in people’s memory and remind them of what they’re buying or who they’re buying from

5) Recognizability – Another good principle for logo design when a person recognize any brand by it’s logo

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